artist's statement

My work is based on observations of life and the role that emotions play in relationships. For me, an important aspect of art is its ability to communicate to the viewer on an emotional level. I create spaces in which figures, still-lifes and landscapes help to convey those emotions. The paintings are statements extracted from moments in life. They are quiet and introspective; meant to challenge the viewer's personal feelings. I am most intrigued by emotions which are difficult to define: melancholia, concern, nostalgia, care, responsibility. I look for these subtle emotions, then put them into a setting for the viewer to experience. Using architectural spaces, the paintings take on an almost theatrical feel. The stillness and simplicity of each space is offset by rich color as well as the distortion of perspective and scale. This creates a dichotomy between imagery and emotion.

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1993 BA, Brigham Young University, Provo, UT
1995 MFA, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH

selected group exhibitions:
February 1994   "The Innocent Eye Test" - student show - 840 Gallery, Cincinnati, Ohio
May 1994   "Melange" - MFA candidates show - Machine Shop Gallery, Cincinnati, Ohio
June 1995   "DAAP Works" - Sabin Convention Center, Cincinnati, Ohio
October 1996   "Closson's 130th Anniversary Exhibition" - Closson's Gallery, Cincinnati, Ohio
March 1997   "Recent Works" - Veerhoff Gallery, Washington DC
December 1998   "Small Paintings" - Hammond Harkins Galleries, Columbus, Ohio
June 1999   "Still Lifes" - Somerhill Gallery, Chapel Hill, North Carolina
November 1999   "Christmas for Collectors" - Somerhill Gallery
May 2000   "Art for Life" - juried exhibition - Columbus Museum of Art, Columbus, Ohio
November 2000   "Christmas for Collectors" - Somerhill Gallery
November 2001   "Christmas for Collectors" - Somerhill Gallery
October 2002  "Recent Works" - Antiques and Art on Poplar, Columbus, Ohio
October 2003 "Objective to Non-objective" - Closson's Phyllis J. Weston Gallery, Cincinnati, Ohio

October 2005 "Rooms with a View" - Southern Ohio Museum, Portsmith, Ohio

selected solo and two-person exhibitions:
December 1994  "Quietudes" - Jamar Gallery, Cincinnati, Ohio
May 1995   "Thesis Exhibition" - 840 Gallery
January 1996   "Recent Works" - two-person exhibition - Closson's Gallery
February 2002   "Recent Paintings" - two-person exhibition - Somerhill Gallery
October 2002  "Recent Works" - Antiques and Art on Poplar, Columbus, Ohio

private collections (selected):
David and Carol Aronowitz, Columbus, Ohio
Cinzia Asaro, Trapani, Italy
Harold and Judith Blondeau, Raleigh, North Carolina
Dan Brillhart and Terri Enns, Columbus, Ohio

Andrew and Eugenia Brodey, Columbus, Ohio
Pietro Buffa and Dr. Yadwiga Szarska, Mazara del Vallo, Italy
D. Page Busken, Cincinnati, Ohio
Brian Byrd, Salt Lake City, Utah
Craig Colvin and Lisa Stein, Columbus, Ohio
Cornelia Gantner, Zurich, Switzerland
Clay Hamner, Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Michael Hampton, Columbus, Ohio
Edward Jekot, Columbus, Ohio
Mary Kay Judy, New York, New York
Barry LaBar, Columbus, Ohio
Robert Layton, Columbus, Ohio
William Lenoir, Centerville, Virginia
Dr. Richard Levy, Cincinnati, Ohio
Dianne Martz, Nashville, Tennessee
Jean Mervis, Columbus, Ohio
Maureen Metcalf, Columbus, Ohio
Dr. Leslie Radlove, Cincinnati, Ohio
Thomas L. Randleman, Cleveland, Ohio
Masao Shimozato, Columbus, Ohio
William Tyler, Columbus, Ohio
Steve and Mary Weiler, Columbus, Ohio
Sharon Weiss, Columbus, Ohio
Charles and Flo Winston, Raleigh, North Carolina

public and corporate collections (selected):
Ohio State of Ohio, Rhodes Tower, Columbus, Ohio
On Press, Westerville, Ohio

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